They say the game is to to be sold, not told, but the only things pimps are selling is women and false dreams. I was in and out of the game from 17 years old, until I was 24. Every pimp I ever had was African American, excluding one Portuguese; these men abused and used me. All of the women I have known in this lifestyle had, or still have a black pimp. Everything may look great from the outside looking in, but just remember; everything that glitters isn’t gold. They mentally, physically and financially abuse women, of every color, for their own profits. A pimps favorite saying is “all on a bitch.” They are human like everyone else; more than capable of getting a job and making their own money. Yet, they’d rather have women working as their sex slaves for their own financial gain. Prostitutes supposedly pay pimps for protection, but pimps are the ones prostitutes need protection from. Pimps are not Kings of this world nor are women meant to be their servants.