To: The Monster In My Bed

Dear Monster,

Do you remember that night? Because I do. I woke up to you hovering over my bed; sometimes I wish these thoughts would get out of my head. You’ve been gone all day; it was 1 A.M; you came home drunk and on drugs again. I was laying down next to my friends 4 year old daughter. You woke me up and asked me to make you something to eat; you said it so angrily. I made dinner, it’s in the fridge, I said. You told me to get out of the bed and warm it up for you then. No, I said, half asleep; my eyes weren’t even open. Next thing I know, I wake up to my body smacking straight down on the floor. You dragged me off the bed, by my feet, all over something to eat. What did you wake me up like this for? I opened my eyes to see your fist coming towards me. I was unsure of what to do; I didn’t want to fight. You wouldn’t stop hitting me, but I was hoping you might. You sat on me and held me there, while you beat me, that’s so unfair. You hit me in the face countless times; you made me cry. What did I do to deserve this? Tears rolled down my cheeks through my blood shot eyes. I felt blood leaking out of my nose and lips; I tried to wipe it off with my fingertips. I finally found the strength to get up; you began kicking me in my legs to keep me stuck. My face was in so much pain; my legs were throbbing from your kicks; I don’t remember much after this. You tore apart our house; there were blood stains all over my white blouse. I finally escaped from you and ran into the living room. There you were, rushing towards me, trying to fight some more. There my friends daughter was, watching it all from our bedroom door. I was scared and unsure of what to do. You kept hitting me and wouldn’t stop. I had no choice but to call the cops. I called 9-1-1 to scare you off; it worked because you left after this. I didn’t get you in trouble, but when have I ever? I can’t believe I still stayed with you after this; after everything you put me through. I loved you and I thought you loved me too. After all those years and all those tears, I’m glad I finally found the strength to leave you. I don’t understand why you were so upset; you always were; what did I do? My eyes were black and blue; my nose was bruised and bloody; my lips were swollen and cut; I was limping; my legs were swollen and bruised. My friends daughter swore she saw a monster trying to kill me; and the monster was you.