Pimps and Hoes

I was thinking about when I used to be a prostitute and the main items I’d always need. Also the things that pimps would say- most pimps used the same lines.


• 40 pack of Lifestyle condoms from Target- great buy! (The box used to be $11, but I stopped prostituting in March 2017, so I have no idea if the price changed since then).

• Baby wipes- for tricks & yourself; they’re perfect for the morning, afternoon or evening rush.

• Lube- have to stay wet n’ ready, plus it makes it easy to jerk people off. ✊💦

• Prepaid card- to post ads.

Pimp Talk:

• Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

• Once a hoe, always a hoe. (Pimps love using this line. Though, this is semi-correct because if a prostitute stays with her pimp or “boyfriend” she is paying, then there’s a great chance she’s always going to be hoe’n).

• Sock it to my pockets.

• I’m all in a bitch pockets.

• I need me a snow bunny.

• Choose up on a real one.

• Hoe up or blow up bitch.

• Happy hoes make more doe.

• Pimps up, hoes down.

• Hoe money is fasho money.

• Once you go black, you’ll never go back. (Next thing you know, he threw my white ass out on the track).

• If you stay ready, then you don’t have to get ready.

• I love you so much.

• I keep it peezy.

• I miss you baby.

• Did you miss this dick?

• You’re the only one I kiss.

• Why is your pussy so good?

• I fuckin’ love you bitch.

• You’re the only one I fuck raw.

• You’re guna’ have my baby one day.

• I sent the bitch.

• I’m all in a bitch pockets, ya feel me.

• I’m a mack.

• I turned the bitch out.

• My peter got a meter baby.

• Every dollar counts.

• If I had a pussy I’d be a hoe; y’all bitches are lucky.

• Grind now, shine later.

• The bitch fagged off.

• White bitch.

• I fired that hoe.

• Ol’ renegade ass bitch.

• AOB- All on a bitch!

• Run me my money.

• Trap check.

• Let’s go on a 30 day run.

• Slow feet don’t eat.

• You better not ever leave me.

• It’s choosin’ season.

• I really be in these streets baby.

• Choose up on the winning team.

• I see you lookin’ baby.

• You know you wanna come fuck wit’ daddy.

• If you look, you’re took.

• Choose or lose.

• This dick ain’t free.

• Y’all bitches don’t listen.

• Shut up bitch.

• I’ll smack the taste out yo mouth.

• Ima’ smack the shit outa’ you.

• These hoes for everybody.

• The game is to be sold, not told.

• Scared money don’t make money.

• I broke the bitch.

• Black bitches don’t make enough money to be having those attitudes.

• Black bitches don’t listen, that’s why I don’t fuck with black hoes; white bitches listen.

• I broke the bitch pockets.

• You’re my bottom bitch.

• Let’s get rich together.

• I want you to be my bottom bitch.

• I love you so much; I don’t love them other hoes. It’s guna’ be me and you in the end baby.

• Pimpin’ is in me; it’s in my blood.

• If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense.

• I knocked the bitch.

• I’m tryna’ knock a hoe.

• Chances make champions.

• Pimps up, hoes down.

• Where’s my money?

🤔 It seems as if pimps are just high-class bums.


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