Sex With A Serial Killer 🔪

I feel nervous just thinking about writing about what I’m going to discuss right now. A part of me wants to block this memory out of my head, but then my mind continues to replay this event over and over again. I won’t ever forget the day that I was face to face with a serial killer. At the time, he didn’t scare me and that’s what scares me. It was about one year before I left John; lets say, April 2016. I was out of town prostituting; hosting incalls out of a three star hotel.
It was about mid-day when an out of state number called my cell phone. There were usually a lot of different area codes that called me during the week; because people were in town on business. When I answered the phone, I heard a mans voice on the other end. “Are you available? He curiously asked. “Yes I am, how long would you like to see me for?” I wondered. “One hour,” he replied, in a nice tone. “Do you have any references?” I inquired. “Not here; all of my regulars are out of state, back where I’m from,” he answered.

He told me he had a handle on a popular escorting website that I posted on. I researched his handle, noticing he hasn’t left any reviews for other escorts and he just made his account that day. Though, I preferred having references and a legit verification; this man on the other side of the phone sounded surprisingly pleasant. My intuition didn’t tell me otherwise, so I decided I would see him. We set up a one hour incall appointment at my hotel room that day. It was mid-afternoon when I heard a knock at my door.
I glanced through the peep hole; noticing a white, middle aged male, standing on the other side. I cautiously cracked opened the door, so I could get his vibe, before welcoming him into my room. Since I didn’t get any bad feelings, I opened the door; greeting him in a short black dress and black pumps. “Hello,” I said with a Light smile, “Hi,” he replied, while welcoming himself into my room. I noticed that he was holding a briefcase; this made him come across as a professional businessman. We both walked towards the bed and began to chat for a bit.
He explained to me how he had just moved to the area from out of state. “Why did you move out here?” I asked. “For a change of scenery,” he answered. After we chatted briefly, he began to undress himself. I followed his lead; taking off my dress and heels, leaving on my red bra and laced panties. I walked towards the bed to sit down. Then I propped my back up against the plush, white pillows, while looking up at him. He walked towards me, while meeting me at the edge of the bed. While he was standing on the side of the mattress, we began touching on each other. His dick started to get hard, as my small, soft hands gently caressed his naked body.

I grabbed his dick with my hands and slowly started stroking his cock Once he was semi-hard, I reached over and grabbed a condom from under the pillow. I opened the wrapper and put the condom on his dick, then began sucking his dick. Once he was rock hard, he pulled his penis out of my mouth and got up on to the bed with me. His dick was about six inches long with his erection. I laid on my back in missionary position, waiting for him to stick his rock hard cock inside of me. He was sitting on the bed when he asked me, “is it ok if I tie you up?” “No, I’m not into that,” I replied. “I thought you were submissive? I was looking for a submissive girl,” he told me.
He started explaining to me that when he searched the keyword ‘submissive‘ on

the escorting website, my profile popped up. “I would only consider being submissive if you were my regular. I didn’t know that you were looking for someone submissive; that would cost extra money anyway,” I said to him. “I don’t pay submissive girls, they pay me,” he replied. “This reminds me of the dream I had where someone handcuffed me and stabbed me in the woods,” I thought to myself. “No, I’m not into that,” I stated. “What if I just put the rope around you loosely?” He wanted to know. “He seemed harmless, but I can’t let him do that because of my dream,” I reminded myself. “No, sorry, if I knew you better then we could do that; I don’t know you well enough yet,” I said in a calm voice. “Are you sure? I just want to tie you up, that’s it. Some girls like to be cut or lit on fire, but I’m not into that,” he told me. “Maybe next time, once I get to know you more,” I insisted.
While grabbing the bottle of lube from under the pillow, I took off my bra and panties and laid on the bed in missionary position, I wanted to make sure I was lubed up so there wasn’t a high chance of the condom breaking, since we were going to have sex with a condom on. He got on top of me and stuck his dick into my dripping wet vagina. His cock was sliding in and out of my pussy, when he gently gripped his rough hand around my throat. I glanced up at him and noticed something different about him. He wasn’t the happy man I first saw walking into my room. There was a strange evil look in his face and I saw darkness in his eyes. “Don’t do that,” I demanded while brushing his hand off of my throat. We continued having sex , until he stopped to grab something from his bag.
I watched him as he reached over to his briefcase that was on the bed to the right side of me. He grabbed a vibrator out of his bag; as he was pulling it out, a set of knives and lighter fluid came falling along with it. I glanced over, confused by what I saw. There was a knife case that was unfolded, laying on the bed, next to a bottle of lighter fluid. The knives were places properly in a soft, black case. There were roughly eleven, average size knives in the set. I grew concerned, “ I thought you weren’t into that?” “Well, I’m not, but some girls are. It doesn’t hurt, would you like to try it?” He asked in a subtle tone “Maybe next time,” I responded in a cheerful voice.

He started rubbing the vibrator against my clit, then stuck it inside of my pink pussy. After playing with the sex toy for a while, he stopped and asked me again, “can I tie you up?” “Maybe next time when I get to know you more,” I said with a smile. “Are you sure you don’t want to try being lit on fire? It doesn’t hurt.” “It doesn’t hurt?” I was shocked, but still denied his needs. He still hasn’t ejaculated and I could tell he was eager to cum. At this point, I was sitting up on the edge of the bed and he was standing on the floor, to the left of me. “Do you want to go take a bath?” He asked. “No, we don’t have time, it has almost been an hour,” I nervously replied, while holding my composure.
I had to come up with a lie, quick. “My friend and I have a double date after this; we wouldn’t have time if I took a bath now,” I said. Then I picked myself up off the bed and began to get dressed. “My friend will be here any minute. I gave her a room key and told her to come up after it has been an hour. That way she can check on me, to make sure I am safe; plus we have our double date appointment right after this,” I explained to him again. He began putting his clothes back on, since he thought I had someone coming up to my room.. Once him and I were both fully dressed, he took out his cell phone.
“These are my submissive girls,” he said, while holding his phone out; nudging for me to look. I glanced at his phone; noticing a blonde haired, white woman, tied up with bruises on her face. He scrolled through his phone, showing me about seven pictures of different women. All of them had the same pose, tied up, with bruises on their face. The painful look in each one of their eyes concerned me. “I thought you didn’t pay submissive girls?” I questioned. “I don’t, they pay me,” he answered. He was stalling; I began walking towards the door, while explaining to him, “my friend will be here any minute because it has been an hour.” I cracked the door open, then stood by it, nudging for him to leave. He walk towards the door, so we could say our goodbyes. “We can do this next time, since I’ll know you better then. I will see you next time, can’t wait!” I said to him, while giving him a friendly hug. I fully opened the door, so he could walk out. Then I shut the door and locked it behind me after he left.

How this situation could have been prevented:
Having multiple references from other escorts.
Checking his briefcase at the door.
Not letting him bring in a briefcase.
Taking submissive out of keywords in my ad, especially because I didn’t ever do submissive calls.
Doing a background check on him. Though, he may not have a criminal record, it is highly doubtful he would have given me his identification anyway.
Not relying just on my intuition, even though my gut was usually right.

How I prevented this situation from getting worse:
Holding my composure.
Giving him false hope about “next time.”
Making it seem like I was not alone and I had a friend close by.


4 thoughts on “Sex With A Serial Killer 🔪

  1. Thanks for sharing your story. I had great fear for you, even though this story is past tense. I used to spend a lot of time working out of town, and would stay in flea bag motels so that I could save money. I met many prostitutes, but was never a customer. I gave them food, and a place where they could rest and shower while I would be working; I depended on my intuition, too. While I would leave the area of each motel, I would return home and try to accumulate things for the women, such as toiletries and clothing, from churches and civic organizations. I remember how a lot of older white women, “didn’t get it,” when I told them about “the ladies.” My explanation was: when you’re a woman, and don’t have money, or a place to sleep or food to eat, and you bring a child into the situation, you don’t know what you will do to survive. As opposed to the older white women, the younger black women, “got it!” More of the young white women knew what I was talking about too. I remember when one woman spent the weekend with three men; ,and, they didn’t pay here. I can do a mental slide show of may times and places where I stored mental images in my mind. The woman that didn’t get paid had told me earlier, that she was recruited into the business by a man who told her of the great money that she would make. But, I heard too many of the women talking about $25 to $50 for their clients. I am glad that you are well. I appreciate your honesty. There are many stories of similar situations that I encountered. Thanks for being a friend.

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