Don’t Give Up

Try to hold back, but drop a tear
Hold it all in so no one will hear
Scared of who you see in the mirror
The look on your face is full of fear.

I hope that one day you realize
If it’s true love it never dies
When I look straight into your eyes
All I see is regretful cries.

Don’t give up love, stop that cryin’
When times get hard, please keep tryin’
You’re not ok, I know you’re lyin’
Not being yourself, feels like you’re dyin.’

What you’ve been through is so unfair
You’re lost, I can see it in your stare
How they’ve treated you isn’t fair
But I promise there’s people that care.

Don’t give up, keep a steady pace
There are struggles that we all must face
You are going to win this race
Hard times are gone without a trace.

Don’t give up, gata’ keep tryin’
Wipe your eyes love, stop that cryin’
I know it’s hard, they keep you blinded
The way things are, it’s one sided
There’s a purpose in the pain your finding’
Life plays forward, but you keep rewindin.’


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