🌟 Losing Yourself and Finding Yourself Again

Have you ever been so lost, you forgot who you were?
You strive for first place, but keep coming in third.
You’ve been searching all over, trying to find
your true self, before you lose your mind.
Giving up is easy to do.
Through the struggles, you should stay true.
At this point, what’s there to lose?
But this is your life, you get to choose.
What you want and what you do.
While trying to find yourself, you forgot who
you were as a kid and all the things you did.
You’ve been searching the world, trying to find an answer.
The key is to be your own dancer.

What I have realized about losing yourself and finding yourself again is this… It will happen when you least expect it; when you decide to stop searching and learn to just be in the moment. Kind of like a lost item- you spend hours, days or even weeks rummaging throughout the house, hunting for what you have misplaced. After investing all of that time, you are still unable to find what you were looking for. As soon as you stop searching and live your life, the lost item pops up; it was right in front of your eyes the whole time. Or once you find it, you’re like “oh yeah, that’s where I put it; I cant believe I forgot!” If you are feeling a little lost right now and don’t know who you are- get up, go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. What do you see? Yourself- you haven’t lost yourself, you’ve just lost touch of time. You’ve stopped living in the moment and forgot who you were. Slow down, stop looking all over the place and search within yourself instead. Just like a lost item- you’re not lost, you have been here the whole time.


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