When you look into the mirror, you have no choice but to look at the person staring back at you. Yet people tend to escape through the window to hide what is hidden deep down inside. When you look out of the window, you see everything but yourself; relying on anything and everyone else to fix that void you have inside. When you stare into the mirror, you have to face your fear; staring at your reflection, realizing you are your biggest rejection. Some people do not love themselves and they look outside to hide how they feel inside. Although outside sources may help you feel better in the moment, they are not going to fix you. Because even when staring at a window, you can faintly see your reflection. You can not run and hide from yourself forever; once you face your fears and heal your wounds, things will get better. It is hard dealing with pain, it is painful trying to change. You know what is even harder? Staying the same, not dealing with your problems because it will slowly drive you insane. Through your pain, you have so much to gain. The bravest thing you can do is stand in front of the mirror and not run from the person staring back at you. Things will be alright, it is okay to shed a tear. Be there for yourself for once; you owe yourself all of the time, attention and love you give out.

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