I’m A Mess, I Confess

I’m a mess, I confess…
Grabbed a bottle and finished the rest,
Until there’s nothing left, for you…
Bought some dope, took a toke…
I wish we never spoke,
Your words keep me woke.
God put me to the test,
I swear I tried my best, did you?…
What to do? I don’t know…
Sometimes I feel so alone,
When you don’t pick up the phone.
I’m crying out for help,
From all this pain I felt, inside…
Said I’m happy, but I lied…
You weren’t there when I cried,
Or when my Daddy died.
I’ll just run and hide,
With no one by my side, but you…
Moving on, won’t take long…
Once you get to moving,
You just keep on grooving.
I’m screaming out me too,
From all this pain you put me through.
I swear life isn’t fair,
No one seems to care.
Gripping on my hair,
I thought our love was rare.
Feeling stressed, yet so blessed…
I got a confession,
Life taught me a lesson,
Through this depression.
But you don’t care,
You were never there.
I asked you to call,
But you didn’t dare.
Left out the door,
Came back for some more.
We’ve been here before,
Our love is a chore.
Falling to the ground,
But in this pain I found
Out who was there,
It’s so unfair.
Must stay strong, wont last long…
Feel so down on my luck,
Ready to give up,
Yet the Light keeps me up.
Swear I’ve had enough,
But I won’t give up.

I heard a rock beat in my head; these are the words came to me while thinking back to the years I spent battling addiction, in an abusive relationship and when I finally found the strength to move on.

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