Rules of Prostitution

After I left my pimp, I stopped escorting and I do not ever plan to go back to working as a prostitute. Although I broke free from the prostitution lifestyle, I am not against it, I am against pimps. I am not by any means glamorizing prostitution either, but if you are going to escort, I suggest that you do it for yourself. Whether you have a smart pimp that treats you amazing or dumb pimp that treats you horribly, at the end of the day, they are both pimps that are using you. Or maybe you have a boyfriend that “loves you” and you love him too; lets face it, he does not love you, he loves the idea of you and he loves what you do for him. He might even cry when you leave him or when he realizes that you are thinking about leaving; heck, I cried when I lost it all too. You are everything to him because without you, he would have nothing. All he sees is money while looking at you and if you think otherwise, stop giving him your money, paying the bills and/or buying him items, then get back to me. He will most likely do one of four things: Abuse you until he gets what he wants, leave you, suddenly treat you amazing or make you feel bad until you give him what he desires. He may even say something like: “Baby, we have bills to pay,“ “I need you, I love you so much, please do not do this to me.” “This is not fair, you make all of this money and cannot share.” What is not fair is you worked all day and handed him or he forcefully took all of your hard working money. If you are a Queen and he is your King, then why are you acting like his servant? Stop escorting if you do not want to work; live a life that makes you happy, regardless of how unhappy he gets when you are not listening to his commands. “I have invested so much time and money into him,” you might be thinking. The second you hand him your money, it is a lost cause. Paying a pimp is like throwing money into a trash can; it is time to take out your trash and start anew.

After you get rid of the problem, aka the pimp and you decide you still want to work, this is how I suggest you should do it…

Rules of Prostitution

Rule #1: DO NOT pay a pimp!

Regardless if he is your boyfriend or baby’s father, if you are paying him, he is still your pimp.

Rule #2: Be single while you are prostituting.

If you are in a relationship, there is a high chance of one or two things happening- your boyfriend will become jealous or he will expect you to take care of him.

Rule #3: Treat your escorting ads like a dating website.

Make sure the people you are spending time with and/or being intimate with are enjoyable. Do not do things you are uncomfortable with just for the money.

Rule #4: Have a life outside of prostitution.
Go to school, work a regular job, own a business, spend time with friends/family, take up hobbies, go on vacations, etc. Only work select days/times seeing a select amount of people.

Rule #5: Always screen your calls.

Screening is necessary for your safety and it will prevent headache. Because when you do not screen, there is a greater chance of problems arising with clients.

Rule #6: Know your worth.

Do not downgrade yourself, charge a price and stick to it. If you can, increase your rates- charging more is always better.


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