Woken Light

Stuck in an alleyway,

Pray on a better day.

You Light up my shadow,

Now it will be okay.

In times of the broken,

I let reality soak in.

Rise up between the clouds;

Hard times have me woken.

Gaze off into the Light;

There’s a focus at night,

While climbing my way up,

It will all be alright.

5 thoughts on “Woken Light

  1. You are very talented; very gifted. Please continue with your writing. I met a man from England who worked at BP as a chemist.He said that he learned in school to write a different type of topic each day. It will keep your writing talents in use, and will help you to maintain a mind of less than dimentia. Please stay in touch. If you ever want to email,,,it will be okay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What is BP? Thank you, I will take that into consideration- that’s a good idea. I definitely have a lot of thoughts, that I need to put on paper more often. Thank you for all your encouragement. 👌

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