Depressed but Not Defeated

You wear a smile that you’re faking,

Always give, but they keep taking.
Can’t calm down, your mind is racing,
From the challenges that you’re facing.
Not wanting to get out of the bed;
Past memories replay in your head.
Your life is full of so much pain,
It feels like you are going insane.
Bottling everything up inside;
Told them you’re okay, but you lied.
You hold all your feelings deep within,
When all you really need is a friend.
Nothing ever seems to go right,
You’re so tired of living in strife.
It feels so lonely every night;
If you feel lost, look to the Light.
I know life can be so unfair;
You wonder, does anyone care?
Don’t give up, whatever you do;
Just so you know, I’ve been there too.

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