Grab Your Change

Today will mark 129 days since my last drink of alcohol or any other mind-altering chemical. Sobriety is such a different feeling, it actually brings feelings. I am finally dealing with everything I have been avoiding and healing from my past.

In the past, when I was stressed out or sad, I turned to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. I am training my mind to find more positive ways to deal with my problems. Writing has been the greatest source for me.

Whenever I catch myself excessively eating or sleeping, I have to remind myself: “Hey, don’t do that! You’re only doing that because you’re in a bad mood.” Habits can be hard to break, but our minds are wired for change. If you get rid of a bad habit, get ready to replace it with something better.

Humans love change and despise it at the same time. We need to start the positive changes we want or need to make with more enthusiasm. Kind of like the vacation you’re longing to go on. You want to get away and see a change of scenery for once. You’re not scared, you’re ready to go on that vacation.

You should treat your life and the positive changes you have and will continue to make the same way. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Positive changes will bring a positive outcome; it’s the cycle of life. That vacation will be as great as you choose to make it. These changes you’re considering making will be great for you, once you make them- one small change at a time.

A little change doesn’t seem like a lot, but making one every day will add up to a lot. If you toss away every penny you get, then it won’t amount to anything. Save each piece of change and you’ll have a whole dollar before you know it. It will all come together, one small change at a time.

Be patient with yourself, you’re growing. If you mess up, then try again. Every night is a reminder that we can make things right. The glow and goodness in the sunrise proves that we have the power to make the most of each day. Although you can’t own the sunrise, you can own your change- so grab it and pave the way.

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