Light Beams

I know you want to win this race,
But there are challenges we all must face.
Don’t give up, keep a steady pace,
I promise you’re life isn’t a waste.
Success you will soon taste,
But don’t you walk, you have to chase.
Your dreams and all you desire,
Don’t listen to the liars.
Hanging by a thread,
Swinging on a tire.
Live this path you’ve been lead,
Stand tall on the wire.
It doesn’t hurt playing with fire,
What hurts is giving up on your desires.
The world will still turn,
The fire will still burn.
Perseverance we all must learn;
Keep climbing, its almost your turn.
I know that you yearn for so much more,
But God won’t open his door,
Unless you stop treating life like a chore.
When you’re put to the test,
You should always try your best.
It’s okay to get some rest,
But don’t give up on your dreams,
Nothing is as hard as it seems.
Love brings Light beams,
In you is where it gleams.

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