Life Float

Nothing will be the same as yesterday,
I thought about quitting my test today.
Through the struggles, I had to find my way,
I’ve lived in silence with so much to say.

Looking outside of the stain covered glass,
I’m tired of living my life so fast.
Watching the clear puddles fall to the grass,
I had to go outside and find my dash.

I’m home in the wind like a sailing boat,
I left out the door, but forgot my coat.
It’s harder to walk trenching through the most,
My life is now what’s keeping me afloat.

Holding on to the branches of this tree,
There’s much of this world I’m trying to see.
Dug deeper in myself to find the key,
Things will fall together, just like the leaves.

My eyes opened at the time of seven,
With hopes that I make a good impression.
Went the wrong way so I had to freshen,
My life will open the gates to Heaven.

I used to say everything is perfect,
I’d cry alone and nobody heard it.
In the lone darkness I wanted to quit,
But once I looked up I became moonlit.

I’m tired of living in the past lane
And hoping somebody will stop the rain.
The silence is now driving me insane,
My new strength came from living in this pain.

If you’re anything like me you will know,
The harder times will leave you feeling low.
Through the struggles comes time to grow,
This is your life, so be ready to row.

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