To: You

A friend in need is a friend indeed. You can always rely on me. I’ll be here for you through every tear. I’ll just wait for you to say “me too“ and I will be here for you. He treated you unfair, but there are people that care. They say once a women is fed up and she’s had enough, there’s no turning back, which is true. Because we are women and we are strong. So why have you been with him so long? All of those times you left and went back… You keep going back because of the love that you lack for yourself. Once you’ve had enough, there’s no way any man can interrupt your glow. He may be scary, but you’re scarier. What’s he going to do without you? He relies on you for everything. Then he treats you like you’re nothing, but let me tell you something… You’re worth more than that so called man ever will be. You deserve so much more, so it’s time to let go and move on. You owe yourself all the love that you give out. Don’t wait a day or a second longer. You know what to do, now it’s time to do it. WNF: With no fear.


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