This Time

Cause I… Have not been missing that long ago.
Still keep thinking I should have said no.
Quit that drinking and let’s make a toast.
This rage came from knocking out the host.

And I…. Have been riding on this train all day.
Still deep think of going a new way.
If I jump off will anyone care?
Said I’d leave, but I’m taking it there.

Now I… Hold on tight to that something I lack.
Once they move, I keep looking back.
Wash out thoughts of having you here.
Bet it comes closer to all you fear.

So I… Run by myself, it’s time to hide.
She said she’s okay, but I know she lied.
Where to go, does anybody know?
Now days I’ve been feeling so low.

Once I… Find a change enlightened in me.
By the devil and the sky blue sea.
Hope will be here in timeless shame.
To bring us closer in a new flame.

So we… Know that heartache isn’t the love shack.
You kicked my wheels off now they rollback.
This way without you makes time to grow.
Since you’re gone, you gave me afterglow.

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