Living in the monster at sea.
Does anyone believe in me?
An endless craze,
Keeps washing up the waves.
This time I can’t take
Living in a lake,
With shame of mistake.
I’ve been waiting on a time,
That I can call mine.
I’ve been hoping on a day,
Where everything will be okay.
I’ve been wishing on a star,
While living in this war.
I look up to the Light,
Find focus on what’s right.
But in the end…
I can’t pretend…..
That I haven’t lost my focus,
So gone out my head like hocus pocus.
Test the waters to know this.
I’m gliding through the hour glass,
Just knowing this time will pass.
I’ve been lost in the waters.
Not the same without my Father,
But I’m still a daughter.
I lost you at the sea
That was bound to be.
Because of you…
I start anew…
To find the truth….
And ride away with it.
Bet you’re not okay with it.
I’m done chasing you,
I’m now chasing it.
Found a Light and I’m praising it.
Move waves through the ocean,
While stars are in motion.
And with time I know…
There’s time to grow….
I find my flow…
This time I glow….
To find the truth….
And ride away with it.

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