My Name Is

My name is Scotty. I’m a hottie. I like to get naughty, up in the potty.

You call me Hong. I’ll prove you wrong. My name is Wong. I have small dong. I don’t take long. I’ll be done right after this song.

My name is Sky, I tell no lie. I’ll steal your guy. I like to get high and eat cream pie.

It can’t be bigger in Texas because my ass is the bestest. My name is Alexis.

My name is Kate. I’m always late. I need a date, but I’ll make you wait.

My name is Doug. I’m a love bug. Come give me a hug.

My name is Chad, I got it bad. It’s so sad, I’m what you had.

My name is Rose. I have pretty toes, but what are those?!?!

My name is Steve. I like to achieve, but I’m ready to leave. You’re my pet peeve.

My name is Megan and I like bacon.

My name is Wayne. I already came. I left a stain. Sorry I’m lame.

My name is Pat. Don’t be a rat. Come rub my cat, it’s really fat.

My name is Sandy. I’m so dandy. I taste like candy. You can ask Randy.

My name is Vern. My dick is stern, so I don’t wait my turn.

My name is Harley. I’m so knarlee. You can ask Carley.

My name is Brad. I got it bad. I miss what I had. I’m so sad.

My name Chad. You’re making me mad. I’m calling your Dad!

My name is Chase. Let me get a taste, after this race.

My name is Tristan and I don’t listen.

My name is Jill and I’m with him still.

My name is Joe. I like to take it slow. I’ll suck on your toe, if you drop it low. Let’s put on a show.

My name is Tom. I’ll be your dom. My dick is the bomb.

My name is Cher. I don’t care. I choose dare, but I don’t play fair.

My name is Alexa and I’d like to sex ya.

My name is Ellen. I’ll leave them yellin, “what you sellin?!” There is no tellin, with her big melons. I’ll turn you into a felon.

My name is Jessica and I’d like to get next to ya.

My name is Karen, now stop that starin. He’s mine, I’m not sharin.

My name is Ray. I’m willing to pay, if I can have it my way. Bend over, what do you say? I’ll make you feel a-okay. Let’s gets this party started today!

My name is Dustin. I’ll leave you lustin. Stop that fussin.

My name is Fred. Can I get in your bed? I’d like me some head, so don’t play dead. Fuck what she said, I’ll call your mama instead.

My name is Tracie and I’m nothing like Lacey.

My name is Kyle. This will be a while, so don’t steal my style.

My name is John and I’m a con.

My name is Bob and I’d like a rim job.

My name is Chuck. I’m down on my luck, but I got a buck. I’d like to fuck. Hop on my truck, then give me a suck.

*** I’ll keep this list going, stay tuned!

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