Country Love

Just living it up in that, yard town, country town
When we yell, no one hears a sound
We’ll go out and tread some miles
Don’t wait around, this will be a while.

Put on your boots and daisy dukes
I’ve been loving you since the roots
Go outside and pick you a rose
When I get back, turn on the hose.

I’ll water you down and get you wet
Then warm you up, watch the sunset
When we’re home, crack open a beer
I’ll hold you close, you’re my biggest fear.

Don’t want to lose you, I’m too far gone
But you threw my stuff out on the lawn
Give you a kiss, time to make-up sex
When we cuddle on the back deck.

Look at the stars, staring at the sky
Love is here, with twinkle in your eye
I still love you if you’re wondering why
It’s just too hard to say goodbye.

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