Swing to Love

Take my hand, just let it be.
In this world, there’s much to see.
The way you’re dancing, on pretty toes.
Shore sign, the water rose.

Don’t mean to, act a hog.
Please knock down, my hard log.
I’ll have you spinning, back for more.
With these moves, we’re far from poor.

I’ll get to, learn what’s true.
Still living, in sky blue.
There’s hope, on better day.
Go ahead, swing my way.

Turn around, so we can jive.
It’s so good, to be alive.
Afterward, do the lindy hop.
When the song ends, don’t you stop.

I’ll bring out, what’s right for you.
This time, we’ll carry through.
We’ll meet, inside the bay.
Head up, throughout our day.

Baa-baa dance, then you move.
Can’t stop the groove, I love you.

So keep on, stepping my way.
I’ll give you what, you’re missing to say.
Like how my hand feels, up your skirt.
Let’s keep on grooving, while we flirt.

I’ll swing you to the moon.
Hold on, we’ll be home soon.
You owe me, one more kiss.
This time, I won’t miss.

I’ve been loving, your long hair.
Watch how the, people stare.
This is our, favorite tune.
Turn it up, a quarter to noon.

Baa-baa dance, then you move.
Won’t stop the groove, I love you.

While we’re moving, pour some wine.
I know one day, I‘ll make you mine.
Ever since you, swang my way.
This means, you’re here to stay.

So let’s groove, closer to love.
I’ll hold you tight, just grab my glove.
In this room, all I see is you.
I’ve been loving, what you do.

You give me, a jitterbug.
Each time I, embrace your hug.
I have just, what you need.
This time, follow my lead.

So let’s move, up and down.
Kick them legs up, off the ground.
Turn your clothes, inside out.
When we’re done, let out a shout.

Baa-baa dance, then we move.
Can’t stop the groove, I love you!

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