Soulja Boy

Sliding down the Moneyvard. SOD, the money board. Looking for a pretty broad. Who spent up, all my card.

Told her bring it back to me. I’m too hard, won’t let it be. When I’m moving, pay a fee. I know you, who are we.

Slide up and down the poll. Baby girl, play rock n’ roll. She’s the one, who stole my sole. Bring it back, that’s my goal.

I thought you were down to ride. Where you go, run and hide. Taking off, like slip and slide. I still want you by my side.

You’re the reason, I am sane. Baby girl, I’ll make it rain. This time, don’t bring me pain. When there’s, so much to gain.

Sliding up your panty melt. Top me, below my belt. Now I, know It felt. Way too good, when you knelt.

Jump on it, don’t you stop. Now ride it, to the top. Spend every, lost drop. This time watch me make it pop.

You should give me, one more night. Baby girl, you changed my life. This time, I’ll make it right. In the end, you’ll be my wife.

Keep you screaming back for more. Girl I love you to the core. Bend it back and hit the floor. Hop on it, let’s take a tour.

Ever since you left the game. Now things, won’t be the same. SOD is the name. The way you came, I’ll make it rain.

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