In My Head

There is a voice inside my head,
Saying don‘t go back, stay strong instead.
Once I am up from the bed,
Erase bad thoughts out of my head.

Wipe my eyes and calm my mind,
Stop the cries, this time is mine.
Even if I’m crying, I’ll continue trying.
When I say I’m fine, just know I’m lying.

I’m far from perfect, but know I’m worth it,
Through the struggles, I found my purpose.
So this time I’ll do things right,
It’s not easy, but worth the fight.

I found a Light inside my life.
In the end, I’ll be alright.
So I’ll go, head unknown,
With the stars, I’m not alone.

I find myself reaching higher,
I can’t back down, I’m moving flyer.
This go-around, I’ll shift my gears,
Won’t hold back, been dropping tears.
Erase these thoughts with all my fears,
Seen a lot throughout my years.

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