The Game

I’m trying to get them racks up and stack it again
This time around, I don’t want a fake friend
I left out the game, plus I’m moving flyer
Can’t back down, keep feeling higher

Make a wrong move, watch it all fall down
Happens so fast, no one hears a sound
It will all come together like Tic-Tac-Toe
Watch them all fall like Dominos

Take a chance and roll the dice
It hasn’t been easy in the game of Life
This time, I’ll see this through
I’m a winner, I don’t know about you

Like Keyshia said, play your cards right
Whatever you do, it will all come to Light
Make sure to live a life that makes you proud
And this time around, I’ll live it out loud

Adding up and counting all day
Money talks, so hear what I say
Those people around aren’t your friend
They just want to know what you can lend

One thing I know is how to count up paper
Riding through the hood in a scraper
Ice so cold, stack it up in the freezer
Miss lil’ baby, but she’s a teaser

I get Monopoly money, what you know about that
Grind all day, so my pockets real fat
You’re a Queen that deserves a King
Who will treat you right and buy you everything

It’s time to leave him, he’s a Joker
Come through, let’s play Strip Poker
Keep you up all night and I’m not Sorry
Baby girl, you remind me of Barbie

My name rings bells, no need to Guess Who
Sliding through the streets, so get a Clue
On my way up, finally found my Set
Don’t believe me, let’s make a bet

Stack it up and let’s watch it double
I didn’t mean to get you in Trouble
Move mean like an action figure
If he wants beef, I’ll pull the trigger

You’re hard to get, so Imma’ Go Fish
To be with you is my only wish
One more round, so grab my hand
This time I’ll take you to Candy Land

Just remember, I’m numero Uno
It’s not over, I’ll finish soon though
In the end, I’ll be screaming Yahtzee
They keep wondering what happened to me

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