The Beast

They call me Bunny, I’m here to win

I’m so tired of living in sin

With a monster, won’t you hear me shout

It’s me who they keep talking about

You think your hard, but I’m the beast

Told him take off his Jesus piece

Riding around, haven’t slept in weeks

Sitting at home, while I run these streets

I’m the Queen, let me fix my crown

Moving higher, won’t back down

Living flyer, without you around

While I’m coming, hear my sound

I’m loving the way that I do me

Leaving him down on his knees

In my own lane, just let me be

Keep him begging, baby please

Thought we were the perfect pair

Now I really don’t care

Our love isn’t rare, you don’t play fair

When I come, all you’ll do is stare

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