Sobriety hasn’t been easy, but it’s been worth it and each day gets a little easier. January 11, 2019 is the last day I smoked a cigarette, did drugs and consumed alcohol. When temptations do arise, I look to The Light for strength to continue on my path of sobriety. Addiction is a process that takes time to overcome. Sobriety takes strength and will-power. We have the power inside of us to master the challenges that we are faced with. If you’re struggling with sobriety, whether from nicotine, drugs or alcohol, you’re not alone. From my experience, here is my best advice for getting and staying sober:

Nicotine (In my case, cigarettes):

• Wing yourself off of cigarettes by cutting down how many you smoke a day.
• Once your pack of cigarettes if empty, avoid buying another pack.
• Make one cigarette last all day. At every smoke break, take a couple drags of your cigarette then put it out.
• When you’re craving a cigarette, say to yourself: “Cigarettes are nasty, taste horrible and stink.” Train your mind to believe these words and in time you will.
• Find positive sources to replace cigarettes with
Example: If you’re angry, go for a walk or write in your journal instead of smoking a cigarette.


• Throw away any drugs or drug paraphernalia.
• Delete all contacts that enable you to get drugs.
• Change your phone number, making drug dealers and others who do drugs unable to contact you.
• Avoid people or situations that involve drugs.
• Deal with your problems. Everyone goes through hardships, but how we handle these challenges is what counts the most.


• Avoid social scenes that involve alcohol.
• Heal from hurt- Don’t avoid your problems.

It’s hard to not be around alcohol. There’s alcohol in most places we go- Grocery stores, restaurants and other public places. Here is one way that has helped me be strong enough to be around alcohol and not drink it: I haven’t thrown away the bottles of wine in my pantry. Keeping alcohol in my home has helped me be stronger than my temptations.

My best advice on sobriety:
• Take it one day at a time! Tell yourself “I’m not going to ______ today.” and stick to it. If you mess up, it’s okay, don’t beat yourself up about it. The sunrise is a reminder that we have a chance to try again. It’s not ever too late to make a change. The only change that is too late is the one that you don’t make.
• Pretend or believe somebody or something is watching you. Make promises to that somebody or something.
Example: I look up to the sky and promise not to smoke cigarettes, do drugs or drink alcohol. In the past, when I broke these promises, I felt ashamed.

3 thoughts on “Sobriety

  1. Sasha, with all you have had to endure I think it’s massively impressive that you’ve managed to give up alcohol and tobacco at the same time. Total respect. inspirational and some useful tips as well. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it definitely took a lot in me to give these things up but I’m glad I did. 😊 You’re welcome- I hope all is well on your end, best wishes .✨✨

      Liked by 1 person

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