Hoping somebody knows where to go
Since I’ve been lost along the road
Thinking of a place where I belong
Where I won’t be judged for living wrong

I’ve been losing count while counting sheep
Hearing voices in my head saying get some sleep
I’ve traveled so far, I forgot who I was
Let me find myself before anybody does

Hope shines out in the darkest despair
Sometimes I wonder, does anyone care
Endless thoughts racing in my head
It’s hard to forget what somebody said

I fell to the ground then bounced back up
Pain is the reason I am so tough
God won’t forsake me and neither will I
I’ll see this through with an open third eye

3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Hope is shining in your path
    you already know the truth
    pain makes you a lot stronger
    for the character is the root
    no matter how big is the fall
    if can fight against the blue
    God is always on your side
    when you decide to stand
    vs evil and fight for the good!

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