Rise Higher

People talk about what they know
There’s a lot of places that we can go
In the sunshine, there’s no worry
Life’s not a race so what’s the hurry

If reality faces me at the front door
I’ll keep knocking and begging for more
I believe in a place called Heaven
It’s six o’clock, may as well be seven

The future is near and I’m moving closer
Fly my wings on life’s roller coaster
The crash of the waves, sounds of the ocean
The bright night sky, stars set in motion

I’ve been begging the places we’ve been
To take back shame and end this sin
Trace back time to places we know
Our past mistakes bring time to grow

The sound of the bees gets me humming
Let’s take off while I’m still drumming
What we started at the top of the moon
Hold on loving, we’ll be home soon

I’ll sprout my wings with the Light blue sky
Bloom what’s true on life’s greatest high
And if I fall, I’ll rise again
Back to where it all begins

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