I Believe in You

Time is inevitable and each day that passes is another day that we can’t get back. Your life holds the key to Heaven and what you do on a daily basis determines if your key will unlock the door. Time stops for no one, so don’t let life’s difficulties stop you. No matter how many mistakes you’ve made, there is hope. Transformation is beautiful, pain is beautiful, you just have to find the beauty in it. You can look back at your mistakes and be ashamed of what you did. Or you can learn from your missteps and grow from them. Let life change you for the better. The power you need to succeed resides in you. Hard times aren’t meant to break you, they’re here to teach you valuable lessons. You can overcome every obstacle you’re faced with. If you ever feel lost, there’s a shining Light that will guide you along your path. Life isn’t meant to be easy. Life is here to change you. The best changes come from the hardest times. If you’re wondering why you’re going through difficulties, take a step back and look at the big picture. Hardships are life’s wake-up calls to us. It’s time to get back in tune with who you are. You are so much more than the mistakes you’ve made. Maybe you didn’t get it right yesterday, but today’s sunrise is a reminder that you can try again. Let today be the day you put all of your negative thoughts to the side. It’s time to focus on the love and Light inside of you. Today is the day to shine bright for the world to see. Now is the time to get out there and turn your dreams into reality. If you’re willing to put in the work, you’re going to make it. You got this, I believe in you.


🌟 Losing Yourself and Finding Yourself Again

What I have realized about losing yourself and finding yourself again is this… It will happen when you least expect it; when you decide to stop searching and learn to just be in the moment. Kind of like a lost item- you spend hours, days or even weeks rummaging throughout the house, hunting for what you have misplaced. After investing all of that time, you are still unable to find what you were looking for. As soon as you stop searching and live your life, the lost item pops up; it was right in front of your eyes the whole time. Or once you find it, you’re like “oh yeah, that’s where I put it; I cant believe I forgot!” If you are feeling a little lost right now and don’t know who you are- get up, go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. What do you see? Yourself- you haven’t lost yourself, you’ve just lost touch of time. You’ve stopped living in the moment and forgot who you were. Slow down, stop looking all over the place and search within yourself instead. Just like a lost item- you’re not lost, you have been here the whole time.

Follow The Light

There once was a girl that went to a maze. When she first started her journey, she was unsure of which way to go. There were many different routes and the girl had no knowledge where they would lead. She decided to head North, thinking that would be the easiest way; not knowing all the challenges she would face along the way. She decided to turn right, but that was wrong. Then she went to the left and was on the right track. Proceeding on her route, she came across six people that were crying at a dead end together. This saddened the girl. “Are you all ok? Do you need help?” The girl asked. “No, we give up,” they replied. The girl thought to herself: Maybe that’s what a dead end really means. If they don’t get up and try to get through this maze, then they will die in the same place because they gave up too soon. Those people are stuck somewhere they don’t want to be because they stopped trying. She didn’t want to be like them because she came to the maze for the Purpose to make it through. “If there’s a way in, there’s a way out,” the girl said. She continued on her journey and any time she went a wrong way, she tried another. She was determined and followed no one. It started getting dark and she got lost. The darkness made it more difficult and she was struggling. The girl noticed another route and headed towards it, only to end up at another dead end. “IMpossible! I give up! This is hard. I’m stuck. I want to go back,” she shouted. Frustration began to take over her. She was running out of hope. “I’m weak and tired. Please get me out of here… please. In Jesus’ name, Amen,” she prayed. A new dawn was approaching. The sun started to rise and shine through the maze. The girl looked up and noticed a shining Light in the distance. “One more time,” her Heart whispered. While wiping off her tears, she lifted herself up off the ground, then began to follow the Light. She was feeling hopeful that maybe there was a way out. When she got to the end of the maze that morning, everyone was clapping. The Light took her to a route that she didn’t know existed. She had no idea when starting her journey that there would be a big surprise at the end. The girl was astonished at what was on the other end. The maze was full of happiness and sadness, but the happiest people were the ones that kept going until the end, no matter how hard it got. They all celebrated. She was extremely thankful that she didn’t give up.

Not the end, just on to a new beginning.