Life Living

I got anything you need, let me know
I got the hook prices for the low
Hit me up, then just let me be
Check get it, living business free.

I’ve been up, really in these streets
Don’t play fair, baby play for keeps
Roll it up, I’ve been smoking loud
When I go, no one hears a sound.

I’ll bounce out, then get some top
In the hood playing with a bop
Move making with these thoughts
And this game which I was taught.

I’m living life so far on the edge
It’s been hard holding on this ledge
All these thoughts running in my head
Can’t believe what’s all been said.

I found my strength inside the rain
Now I’m waiting to wash my pain
I’ve been praying on better days
So I learned to change my ways.


Test of Time

I’m living in a starlight,
I know it will be alright.
Move closer to the bright Light,
This time I’m taking it right.

It hurts when falling from hope,
While searching for ways to cope.
Found strength gripping on the rope,
Test for changes up this slope.

There is something more to see,
Just notice what we can be.
My life has unlocked a key,
Since it all begins with me.

Spread my wings to fly away,
In search for a brighter day.
Now leaving the past for stray,
With time it will be okay.


I know you’ve been wishing on better days,
But you can’t make anybody change their ways.
It’s best to focus on what’s right for you,
There’s a Light inside to help us carry through.

It’s harder at night when you’re up in bed,
With endless thoughts playing in your head.
No one to turn to and you’re wondering why.
Told them you’re okay but that was a lie.

It has been a struggle just to make it out,
You’re dwelling in a place with clouds of doubt.
Just know that no matter how hard things are,
You will find more hope in a shining star.

Follow You

You’re my best friend,

I was wondering if you’d be mine.

You’re looking like a dime times six,

I was hoping you could help me find my way out of this mess.

I need help, I confess.

I’m trying to feel a little less pain,

Before I go insane.

So I’ll follow your lead,

And hop in your lane,

Because I’m in need of a change.

Do You Know

Do you know what it feels like?
All alone, every single night.
Crying to yourself, wishing things were right.

There’s hope in the warm sunrise.
All in all, I’m tired of your lies.
I know that one day you’ll realize.

You’re the reason I used to be sad.
Kept on playing, you got it bad.
Now days, you’re missing what we had.

I’m better off without you, I won’t turn back.
Thanks to you, this self-love I can’t lack.
Through the struggles, I found a life hack.

I found the power in myself this day.
I wouldn’t want it any other way.
You pushed me down, but I’ll be okay.

I got back up and came back stronger.
I know this pain won’t last much longer.
With this Light, all darkness I’ll conquer.

Without You

This way without you baby,

Gives myself more time to grow.

I’ve been missing me lately,

I’m sure you already know.

I’ve moved a different direction,

With hopes in finding what’s true.

Pain of past is a blessing,

This time around I’ll start new.

Take my wings and fly away,

Can’t keep living in a sin.

I’ll move up higher this day,

With Lightful waves of the wind.

I’m searching for a star sign,

With hopes to believe in me.

Just knowing this time is mine,

While holding on to the key.


When you’re struggling to find a way out,
The bravest thing to do is keep it real.
They say even when you have some doubt,
To let your feelings out so you can heal.

When you’re lost trying to find your way,
The best thing to do is follow your heart.
It is with you every step of the day,
With our mistakes will come a fresh start.

If you’re hurting from all of your past,
The strongest thing to do is feel the pain.
Just remember it’s not meant to last,
With one ending there’s much more to gain.

Now let’s focus on what we know is right,
That’s how we will keep winning this fight.
You’re a star and your future is so bright,
It’s inside of you where there is a Light.