Watch Me

You can catch me stylin

With a thirty two thousand ice me watch and no you won’t catch me slippin

In a green machine that I bought and still got me flippin

All this money in my trunk, go head while I keep dippin

You can catch fylin

With a sixty nine thousand drip me wet and I’ll just keep on sippin

All this drank up in my cup so you know it got me trippin

In a kitchen that I bought, can’t mess what I’ve been whippin

Stylin, fylin, makin a way

Don’t tell me nothin, but hear what I say

Those people are fake, bet they all betray

Leave ‘em guessin when I pull up vallet

You can catch me stylin

With all this jewelry that I bought to show what you’ve been missin

Turn it up so they can watch, go head just keep on wishin

All friends do is talk, move around ‘cause they’re sneak dissin

You can catch my fylin

With all this gold up in my mouth and your girlfriend I’ve been tippin

Turn around I’ll make it pop, watch how she keeps strippin

Full load cause I’ve been hot, ride around with the clip in

Stylin, fylin, making a way

You know I got it, be ready to pay

Just bring it back then hit replay

I’ll take you far, we can meet halfway