Nobody knows what tomorrow brings, but today if you live true, all the love and finer things will find their way to you.


Take my wings and fly away, to a better day. Head unknown to a place we roam, where we’re not alone. Hope one day Heaven calls me home.

The Light

Everything’s going to be alright, I woke up and saw The Light. Everything’s going to be okay, I got out the bed today.

It’s Crazy

I’ve been looking for a lodestar, that is able to heal my scar. I can’t keep living in this war, when we know just who we are.

See Through Glass

Looking through a see through glass. Tired of living life so fast. Moving on, while stuck in the past. These hard times aren’t meant to last.

Beginning Again

With every beginning comes an end, so make the most of this game of life my friend.


What’s uphill is worth the fight, I have vision in the Light.