Nobody knows what tomorrow brings, but today if you live true, all the love and finer things will find their way to you.

11 Daily Affirmations

  1. I hold the power of how my day will go.
  2. I cannot control what others do to me, but I can change how I react to it.
  3. I am alive, I matter and things will get better.
  4. I am thankful for my past because it shaped me into the person I am today.
  5. I am deserving and worthy of great things.
  6. I will not sacrifice my self-worth to please others.
  7. I will find the positives in every situation today.
  8. I have a purpose for being here and I will see this through.
  9. I am healing. I will have patience with myself and the process.
  10. I will be courageous and live true to my heart.
  11. I will follow through with everything I say I will do.

The Light

Everything’s going to be alright, I woke up and saw The Light. Everything’s going to be okay, I got out the bed today.


Looking through a window glass,

I swear I’ve found my dash.

It’s been hard, I’ve stayed strong;

While holding on for so long.

Looking up at the night sky,

Gives reasons not to cry.

Look back to reminisce,

In the end there’s happiness.

Looking to myself again,

That’s where I’ve found a friend.

I’m grateful for the love,

That Heaven sends from above.

Looking for a way to change,

Yet told to shoot in range.

This time I’m going far,

Blast off like a shooting star.

See Through Glass

Looking through a see through glass. Tired of living life so fast. Moving on, while stuck in the past. These hard times aren’t meant to last.


What’s uphill is worth the fight, I have vision in the Light.


Have faith in yourself and the purpose for your life. Search within yourself and do what is right. Once you find the truth is when you’ll find your Light.

You gave me hope for a better tomorrow. You’re the reason I no longer sorrow. And if I ever start feeling blue, I just get lost in the sky with you.